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Fight Back

Participating in Relay For Life is just the beginning.  There are many other ways to fight back against cancer.  Here are just a few ways that the American Cancer Society can help you and your loved ones make an impact.

celebrate with actionJoin the Cancer Action Network

Advocacy is one of the ways the American Cancer Society is fighting back.  Defeating cancer is as much a matter of public policy as scientific discovery. Every day, elected officials make decisions that affect the lives of more than 11 million cancer patients and survivors, their families and caregivers, and all those at risk for developing cancer.

Find out how you can join the growing number of people who are making a difference in the fight against cancer by working with local, state and federal governments.

ACS Cancer Action Network >>

activity and nutritionBe Healthy

American Cancer Society Guidelines on Nutrition & Physical Activity

Common Questions About Diet and Cancer

Adopt a Physically Active Lifestyle

no smoking imageQuit Smoking

Want to quit?  We can help.

Quiz: Do you need help to quit?

Guide to Quitting Smoking

Helping a Smoker Quit: Do’s and Don’ts