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Relay Nation


Relay Nation is a way to connect with other Relay For Life participants like never before.
The global online community gives you the opportunity to do so many things including discuss a variety of topics, share resources and form groups to stay connected for any Relay For Life activity, event or project. Relay Nation is available to all participants including committee members, team captains, team members and event staff. Become a member of the community today and explore all that the Relay Nation has to offer.


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What to Expect in Relay Nation


Get great new ideas, ask questions, and share tips about every aspect of your Relay For Life experience. Search for a specific topic or browse through categories to join conversations with your counterparts across the Relay Nation


 Access the latest resources to make your Relay For Life event the best it can be. You can also share your own Relay For Life documents, pictures, and videos to help others with their planning efforts.


Need a virtual workspace for members to stay connected for a project? Groups including a Relay For Life committee, Summit planning committee or any project workgroup can stay on task easily with the ability to communicate, share files and more.